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Certa Recruitment LLP          Phone: 08443 814 813 *  
Registered Company Number: OC362964          VAT Registration Number: 112 6202 70
Registered Office: Grange Chambers, 8 Grange Hill, Welwyn, Herts, AL6 9RW

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Certa Recruitment make no money from your call, all charges go to our service provider.

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* NOTE: 7p/min service charge applies to 0844  numbers; alternatively send us an email and we will call you.

Equal Opportunities Policy 4


Harassment is defined as unwanted conduct that relates to a protected characteristic which has the purpose or effect of violating an individual’s dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for that individual. This includes unwanted conduct of a sexual nature.

Certa Recruitment is committed to providing a work environment free from unlawful harassment and will ensure that the consultants do not harass any individual.

Examples of prohibited harassment are:

If an individual believes that they have been unlawfully harassed, they should make an immediate report to Certa Recruitment. Certa Recruitment will undertake a thorough investigation of the allegations. If it is concluded that harassment has occurred, remedial action will be taken.

All employees and workers will be expected to comply with Certa Recruitment’s policy on harassment in the workplace. Any breach of such a policy will lead to the appropriate disciplinary action.

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