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Certa Recruitment make no money from your call, all charges go to our service provider.

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Equal Opportunities Policy 5

Disabled Persons:

Discrimination occurs when a person is treated unfavourably as a result of their disability.

Direct discrimination occurs where a provision or practice is applied that places a disabled person at a substantial disadvantage.

Indirect discriminations occurs where a practice or provision that cannot be objectively justified is applied to everyone and results in person with a disability being placed at a disadvantage.

Certa Recruitment will not discriminate against a disabled person. Certa Recruitment will make career opportunities available to all people with disabilities and every practical effort will be made to provide for the needs of staff, candidates and clients.  

Age Discrimination:

Certa Recruitment will not discriminate directly or indirectly, harass or victimise any person on the grounds of their age.

Certa Recruitment is committed to recruiting and retaining employees whose skills, experience, and attitude are suitable for the requirements of the various positions regardless of age. No age requirements will be stated in any job advertisements on behalf of the company.

If Certa Recruitment requests age as part of its recruitment process such information will not be used as selection criteria and is only for compilation of personal data, which the company holds on all employees and workers and as part of its equal opportunities monitoring process.

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